Demand Driven World Presentations – 2016


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S&OP – Back to the Future
by Dick LingLing S&OP Back to the Future

Richard (Dick) Ling, the father of S&OP reviews the history of formal planning and S&OP and explores why DDS&OP is so important as a connection between S&OP and a demand driven operating model.

DDAS Overview
by Carol Ptak

Ptak keynote

Carol Ptak, partner with the Demand Driven Institute describes why common practice is common nonsense and how the Demand Driven Adaptive System common sense approach can provide sustainable ROI.



Aligning Rex Materials Supply Chain
by Lindsay FountainLindsay Fountain RMG case study

Lindsay Fountain describes the real bottom line results realized by Rex Materials Group from DDMRP and explains how they have successfully reached out to their customers to link them directly to the Rex Materials DDMRP approach.



From ERP to DDAS
by Keith Launchbury

Keith Launchbury From ERP to DDAS

Keith Launchbury explores the fallacy of traditional planning and the historical results and then describes a path forward to the Demand Driven Adaptive System.



The DDMRP Promise
by Ken Titmuss

Ken Titmuss The DDMRP Promise

Ken Titmuss from South Africa presents how the DDMRP promise may seem too good to be true but the actual results in a number of different companies and industries prove that the promises are real.

S&OP Keynote
by Dick Ling

Ling 2 pm keynote

Richard (Dick) Ling reviews the history of S&OP, why S&OP has not seen universal acceptance and gives a look ahead to the future of S&OP.

The Missing Links
A Real World Case Study
by Caroline Mondon

Caroline Mondon Case Study

Caroline Mondon, a best-selling business book author from France, presents a real world case study based on the knowledge presented in her new book, The Missing Links.


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DDMRP Innovation
by Chad Smith

Chad Smith DDMRP Innovation

Chad Smith, a Demand Driven Institute partner and co-author of three books on DDMRP presents the innovations from the past year.



The Key to Industry 4.0
by Christoph Lenhartz

Christoph Lenhartz Industry 4

Christoph Lenhartz presents the proven strategies and methodologies necessary to compete in the volatile uncertain future.



Customer case – Productos Tubulares
by Jon Bikandi & Manuel Castro

Productos Tubulares

Productos Tubulares won the Internationally recognized Ptak Prize for Supply Chain excellence in 2016.  This presentation describes the journey this company has made and the results achieved.



Lessons learned from ten DDMRP implementations
by David PovedaDavid Poveda Lessons Learned

David Poveda, founder of Flowing Consulting from Colombia and globally recognized innovator on his application of DDMRP to the retail industry shares his lessons learned from ten DDMRP implementations.



Our DDMRP Journey
by David Mautner

David Mautner MFRI Case Study

David Mautner shares the story of MFRI from the first in house developed planning system to the adoption of DDMRP.



DDBRIX Factory, the DDMRP game
by Laurent Vigouroux

Laurent Vigouroux DDBRIX

DDBRIX is a serious game that teaches the fundamentals and application of DDMRP.

Sales and Operations Planning – Demand Driven Makes the Difference
by Christoph Lenhartz

Christoph Lenhartz SOP

Christoph Lenhartz presents S&OP and how DDMRP makes a significant change in the process and the results achieved.



DDMRP cases from France
by Agilea

Agilea A Demand Driven Journey in France

Agilea is the largest DDMRP consulting company in France.  This presentation covers seven different case studies and lesson learned including Michelin, PSP Peugot, Cryolor, Figeac Aero, Arkopharma, Weser, and Pierre Fabre.



Supply Chain Management Education in the Age of Digitization and Internet of Things (IoT)
by Andrea Walbert

Andrea Walbert Supply Chain Education and iOT

The Internet of Things promises to dramatically change business worldwide.  Education must adapt to provide knowledge in this new world.



Advanced Smart Metrics
by Debra Smith

Debra Smith Advanced Smart Metrics

Debra Smith, Managing Partner for Constraints Management Group and an internationally recognized expert on Smart Metrics provides a deeper insight on smart metrics application in a company.


Market Driven Value Networks
by Lora Cecere

Lora Cecere Demand Driven

Lora Cecere from Supply Chain Insights presents her maturity model jointly developed with Carol Ptak from Demand Driven Institute on the journey to market driven value networks.

supply chain insights

by Dr. Charlie Watts

Dr Watts Three Laws of Forecasting

Dr. Charlie Watts from ISCEA presents the three rules of forecasting and why these rules lead to demand driven in a common sense way.


Looking toward the future of DDMRP
by Carol Ptak & Chad Smith

Ptak and Smith DDAS

Chad Smith and Carol Ptak, Demand Driven Institute partners present their view of the road ahead for DDMRP including the demand driven adaptive system and the stages that a company can expect to encounter in their journey.