Case Studies



Royal Plastics

royal engineered composites Update Session:  Royal Plastics – Jason Bates, Production Manager
Royal Engineered Composites is literally at the leading edge of major commercial and military aerospace programs. Hear about their progress with the Demand Driven operating systems. Jason Bates talks about the changing company management structure and the need fueling a move to DDMRP.
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Engineering & Machining


Forge USA

Forge USA Business Type: Forging and Machining
Forge USA is an internationally recognized, ISO-certified steel forging company based in Houston, TX with state of the art open die forging and machining facilities. Mark Miller, Chief Operator Officer – Executive VP, will their story and results in implementing demand driven principles across their two sites.
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Tube Forgings of America

Tube Forgings of America, Inc. Update Session: Tube Forgings of America – Wally Browning, Materials Manager
Tube Forgings of America, Inc. (TFA) has been manufacturing welding fittings since 1955 for industries ranging from oil refining to chemical and petro-chemical processing, from gas transmission to power generation, including nuclear, and from shipbuilding to a broad assortment of commercial construction applications. On the eve of their largest capacity expansion ever Wally shared how Demand Driven methods protected the company through the downturn and has positioned TFA to absorb huge massive growth over the last three years and into the future.
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MIC Business Type: Apparel Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail Sales
Macquila Internacional de Confeccion SA: MIC designs, produces and sells children’s garments under license from companies like Disney and, Mattel. MIC also supplies direct sales channels for ladies garments. David Poveda from the Demand Driven Institute – LATAM will present the implementation and results of DDMRP principles across MIC manufacturing, distribution and retail sites.
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Satuerca Group

Satuerca Business Type: Component Manufacturing
Based in Spain, the SATUERCA Group devotes itself to the manufacture and distribution of gears, bearings, rings, clutch hubs and wheel nuts to automotive and other sectors. Xabier Tudanca, (title), will share the company’s experiences extensively implementing DDMRP principles over the past year.
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Romac Industries

romac industries Romac Industries – Ben Staley, Materials and Replenishment Manager
Founded in 1969, Romac is an industry leading supplier of pipe products for water and waste water. Ben Staley, Materials and Replenishment Manager, walked the crowd through their recent implementation of a full DDMRP system and the factors that led up to it.
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unilever Unilever – Carmine Mainiero and Nick Mantenuto
Carmine Mainiero, Global Lead for Project Demand Driven Unilever (DDU) and Nick Mantenuto a Senior DDU Analyst did not disappoint the crowd as they shared the application of DDMRP at the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) giant. PRESENTATION UNAVAILABLE. We are sorry but at Unilever’s request the information shared with the audience will not be made available to the general public.


Perma-Pipe PermaPipe – Brian Pollack, Vice President of Manufacturing
Perma-Pipe is a market leader of pre-insulated piping, environmental secondary containment piping and leak detection/location systems. The PermaPipe team showed dramatic wins in their highly complex engineer-to-order environment through the use of strategic control point scheduling and buffer management techniques. PRESENTATION UNAVAILABLE. We are sorry but at Perma-Pipe’s request the information shared with the audience will not be made available to the general public.


avigilon Avigilon – Rod Gelhorn
Avigilon designs and manufactures high-definition surveillance solutions. They are one of the fastest growing companies in North America and gave the crowd a high definition picture of their Demand Driven operational design including strategic control and decoupling points and time stock and capacity buffer positions to tackle this growth. The have agreed to share their presentation.
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LG International

LGInternational LG International – Lane Kagey, Chief Operating Officer
LGI designs and manufactures a wide range of off-the-shelf and tailor-made labeling solutions that are used for product identification and decoration, manufacturing processes, product packaging and security. Lane Kagey, COO, showed the company’s innovative approaches for making their Demand Driven operating model totally visible in real time to every shop floor operator. One of the most innovative systems we have ever seen to live in short lead time environments measured in hours and days.
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Lightspeed Technologies

Lightspeed Technologies Business Type: Electronics
Established in 1990, Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. produces high-quality classroom audio systems with a total commitment to improving the learning environment for students. Julie Rockford, Director of Manufacturing Operations, will detail the company’s adoption and results using Demand Driven MRP methods.
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Stemcell Technologies

Stemcell Technologies Business Type: Biotechnology
STEMCELL Technologies Inc is a privately-owned biotechnology company that develops specialty cell culture media, cell separation products and ancillary reagents for life science research. Driven by science and a passion for quality, STEMCELL delivers over 1500 products to more than 70 countries worldwide. Juan Abbud, Senior Business Analyst, will share Stemcell’s experience implementing DDMRP in multiple locations.

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